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Control Systems

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Thermostats & Controls

Touch-Screen Thermostat

Thanks to our advanced ComfortLink II™ communicating technology, the XL900 touch-screen thermostat links all of the main components of your system to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity throughout your space.

Digital Home Thermostat

The XL803 digital, programmable thermostat places complete control at your fingertips. All you have to do is set it and forget it. This digital home thermostat has been designed to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Home Thermostat

This digital Trane thermostat places the homeowner in complete control. Compatible with up to three stages of heating and two stages of cooling, this home digital thermostat operates at the forefront of the industry.

Digital Thermostat

Set it and forget it. This programmable thermostat offers all sorts of modern features. Manage your home environment manually or through seven-day programming. The choice is yours!

Two-Stage Thermostat

This Trane thermostat allows you to manage your home’s comfort throughout the entire week. Relax knowing your new two-stage thermostat is programmed to constantly keep your space at the right temperature.

Adjustable Thermostat

Change your system settings quickly and easily with this adjustable thermostat. With this system, the homeowner is always in the driver’s seat.

Standard Thermostat

This basic thermostat’s functionality allows you to relax and enjoy the day or night any time of the year. Your home will remain at the perfect temperature, set by the homeowner.

Non-Programmable Thermostat

Let a Trane non-programmable thermostat take care of your home’s comfort. This basic thermostat allows you to relax and enjoy the day or night, any time of the year.

Residential Thermostat

Let a Trane basic-digital thermostat take care of your home’s comfort. This easy-to-use and easy-to-install home thermostat allows you to relax and enjoy your space.

Zoning Systems

Our company offers the latest zoning systems to help you control the climate throughout your home with pinpoint accuracy. If you have any additional questions, all you have to do is reach out to one of our friendly representatives.

Home Automation – The New Way To Run Your Home

This simple-to-use internet-enabled automation system lets you remotely adjust your home’s temperature and monitor security by computer or most web-enabled cell phones.

Communicating Control

Connect your ComfortLink™ or ComfortLink™ II control to a matched Trane system for complete, seamless comfort. Every component is designed to work in harmony with the others, optimizing your energy use over time.

Remain Connected Away From Home

Complete residential control is at your fingertips with a web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. With Nexia Home Intelligence, you can build your own home automation system. Incorporating various implements provided by EagleAir, you have the ability to:

  • Control temperature settings and manage energy use
  • Allow entry to your home through the Schlage® Home Keypad even when you’re not there
  • Assign up to 19 private four-digit codes for family members
  • Receive instant texts and email alerts when codes are used
  • Set recurring codes for housekeepers or frequent guests
  • Add, delete or change user codes remotely
  • Confirm the status of your wireless lock from anywhere
  • Program lights to turn on/off at different times of the day
  • Schedule your lights to turn on when the lock code is entered 

Monthly Subscription

Nexia Home Intelligence gives you the ability to remotely manage your home security, lights, and climate control systems via web-enabled computers, tablets and most smartphones. Best of all, we offer affordable monthly subscriptions to best suit your needs.

If you have any additional questions concerning this modern technology, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today. 

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