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Air Handlers

Variable-Speed Air Handler

Hyperion™ XL
Variable-Speed Air Handler

Helping to circulate better air, the Hyperion™ XL variable-speed air handler is built unlike anything the market has ever seen. This model features insulation between the double walls of the uniquely designed cabinet.

Residential Air Handler

Hyperion™ XR
Residential Air Handler

The Hyperion™ XR residential air handler provides cleaner, healthier air, day and night. Advanced technology helps to properly circulate air. When paired with CleanEffects™, this innovative air handler virtually eliminates dust, pollen and other irritants from the air.

XB Air Handlers

The XB line of air handlers combines affordability and flexibility throughout their entire range of heating and cooling products. Shop our selection, and you can gain the reliability of Trane along with the options to work within your specific system and budget.

XB TEM3 Air Handler

  • XB TEM3
    • Air Handler

XB 4FWC Air Handler

  • XB 4FWC
    • Air Handler

XB 4FWH Air Handler

  • XB 4FWH
    • Air Handler

XB 4FWM Air Handler

  • XB 4FWM
    • Air Handler

XB 4FWF Air Handler

  • XB 4FWF
    • Air Handler

XB 4FWD Home Air Handler

  • XB 4FWD
    • Home Air Handler


HVAC Heating Coil

Comfort™ Coil
HVAC Heating Coil

Get the most out of your air conditioner or heat pump with a properly matched HVAC evaporator coil from Trane. Our team is standing by to help you select the perfect coil to suit your needs.

Heat Pumps

XL20i Heat Pump

Heat Pump

From the hottest days to the coldest nights, the XL20i is designed to perfectly cool your home in the summer and perfectly heat it in the winter.

XL16i Heat Pump

Heat Pump

Hardworking, efficient heating and cooling comfort in every room of your home with the XL16i heat pump from Trane.

XL15i Heat Pump

Heat Pump

The XL15i single-stage heat pump comes with many noticeable benefits, including tough construction and energy-efficient operation. Best of all, the XL15i offers the quietest operation of all our single-stage systems!

XR16 Heat Pump

Heat Pump

The efficiency you expect from Trane, along with long-term durability. The XR16 offers Energy Star qualified combinations with up to 17.00 SEER and 9.6 HSPF.

XR15 Heat Pump

Heat Pump

The XR15 electric heat pump offers up to a 16.00 SEER rating when matched with Trane variable speed air handlers, furnaces and comfort coils. Create the perfect HVAC system with our assistance!

XR13 Heat Pump

Heat Pump

These energy-efficient heat pumps are extreme-weather tested and packed with innovative Trane technology. Have no doubt, this model will stand the test of time.

XB14 Single-State Heat Pump

XB14 Single-Stage
Heat Pump

Energy-efficient heat pumps are a smart investment when it comes to creating a comfortable home. With this 15.50 SEER heat pump, your home will overcome the most brutal weather patterns and temperatures.

XB13 Heat Pump

Heat Pump

The XB13 single-stage heating and cooling system combines innovative components that give long-lasting, reliable performance.

Gas Furnaces

Heating Company Livermore, CA

Gas Furnace

The XC95m is able to constantly calibrate itself for optimal performance year after year. Heat your home with the assistance of this innovative furnace!

Heating Company Pleasanton, CA

Gas Furnace

The XV95 delivers one of the highest efficiencies in the industry, providing superior performance for the ultimate in residential comfort.

Heating Repair Livermore, CA

Gas Furnace

The XL95 two-stage gas furnace delivers one of the highest efficiencies in the industry, which leads to a comfortable home and highly affordable service.

Heating Repair Pleasanton, CA

Gas Furnace

The XR95 forced air heating gas furnace offers our highest energy efficiency in single-stage performance. This means that you receive more bang for your buck.

Gas Furnace

The single-stage XB90 gas furnace heater is designed to provide dependable performance and efficiency, leading to complete comfort throughout your facility.

Gas Furnace

This innovative model is able to routinely calibrate itself for optimal performance year after year. Heat your home with the assistance of this modern technology.

Gas Furnace

The consistently efficient XV80 variable-speed gas furnace is built to meet your home’s needs and designed to fit wherever you need it.

Gas Furnace

No matter what the temperature might be outside, the XL80 variable speed gas furnace is designed to provide a consistent, predictable flow of warm air to keep your family comfortable all winter long.

Gas Furnace

Winter after winter, our single-stage XT80 high-efficiency gas furnaces will keep your home warm with a blower motor designed for consistent airflow.

Gas Furnace

The single-stage XR80 gas furnace is a good choice for those looking for solid heating. Tested, durable components help make sure your system continues to run at optimum performance.

All-In-One Systems & Ductless Technology

At EagleAir, we operate on the cutting edge of the industry. If you’re interested in exploring efficient all-in-one systems, you’ve arrived at the right place. The same can be said for modern ductless technology. We offer complete systems to enhance the HVAC capabilities of your home or business.

All-In-One Systems

XL13c Gas/Electric Packaged System

XL13c Gas/Electric
Packaged System

The beauty of the XL13c packaged HVAC system offers more than the reliable heating and cooling you can feel, but a quiet operation you can’t hear. Plus, the air conditioner and furnace are housed all in one sleek, durable cabinet.

XL13c Heat Pump Packaged System

XL13c Heat Pump
Packaged System

This 13 SEER heat pump is all-electric and is housed all in one sleek, durable cabinet.

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