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We’ve already told you about our innovative HVAC options, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Browse the following testimonials to hear from our satisfied customers. Whether you’re in need of residential or commercial assistance, you can rely on our certified technicians.

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Bill, hope you are doing well. I met a couple of your team recently through a service call on our system. They were nothing sort of awesome and I want you to know about it.

A couple of weeks ago (during the mid-July hot spell) our system started popping a breaker. Of course, since it was near 100 degrees every day that week, I called in a panic wondering how buried your guys were, and how long I would have to wait for service.

The end of the story is that your team absolutely busted their backsides to respond promptly, get me into the already-packed queue, and also to respond promptly again when the problem proved more difficult than it seemed at first.

The tech was Patrick. He was on time, courteous, professional…all the things you hope for when someone does in-home service.

You know, Bill, it occurred to me when all of this was going on that the reason I bought the system from Eagle was because of your pre-sale service approach. I don’t expect you to remember since it was 7 years ago, but I entertained proposals from three (3) companies. EagleAir was neither the highest price, nor the lowest. However, I recall something about the experience that specifically influenced our decision to choose you:

After your Estimator came out to see me and the proposal was due, you called me and asked if you could come out personally and take a look at my ducting and this goofy accelerator fan we had in place at the time. You told me that the job seemed “unusual” enough that you wanted to get a deeper look at it and ensure the Project Scope was correct. I recall Dixie and I talking over our choices and agreeing that we felt like that level of attention to “getting it right” was going to be an indicator of your service-after-the-sale, if we ever needed it.

We were right.

You’ve clearly built a great organization, and everyone from the techs who come on site, to the people who answer the phone in the office make sure your customers feel like they are in good hands.

What stood out?
  • Patrick’s work as I explained above
  • Communication: your people in the office kept me up to speed on the estimated time of arrival. At one point, Vince even called me back to let me know that he had made a small error in telling me that Patrick was on his way to me from San Ramon, when actually Patrick hadn’t quite finished that job in San Ramon and as such, he wanted me to know the ETA was 30 minutes or so farther out than he had previously told me. I want you to see the extreme value in your team’s behavior here at a time when (for example…) the cable company gives you a 5 hour window…and never calls to make sure your anxiety is low.
  • Service Excellence: The problem was stubborn and wouldn’t replicate itself in front of Patrick. He listened intently to the clues I gave him about the system’s behavior when he wasn’t there, and eventually…he found it!

Thank you, and it was great doing business with you again. Don’t be shy about using me for a reference if your sales team ever needs help closing a deal.

- Larry Florio
Brian, just a brief note of thanks regarding the terrific EagleAir installation of our new Carrier HVAC system. My Wife and I did a lot of research and interviewed four installation companies before making our decision. Our criteria included: analysis and recommendations for an upgraded system; more cost efficient and productive equipment; creative installation techniques and finally a competitive price.

We feel very fortunate that we selected EagleAir to handle this project. From your creative recommendation to add a full run that now provides whole house comfort to repositioning all of the ugly sheet metal boxes in our garage up into the attic and specifying the most efficient furnace and A/C units. The installation process was perfect, speedy, and the crew’s cleanliness on site was superb. Tour price was most competitive.

We were very impressed by your ability to listen to our needs and provide the correct solution. Not only did you promptly follow-up on the details but also handled all of the paperwork so that we received all of the rebates due us. We were particularly surprised and pleased when PG&E rewarded us in February for reducing our energy consumption for the previous month.

You offer first class service and your claim of Eagle Excellence is well deserved. Many thanks for such excellent service.

- Arthur E. Wilen
Bill and EagleAir were very professional from the original estimate to the installation and follow up. Bill and the installers were very knowledgeable. Eagle installed a fantastic system; furnace, air conditioner, and zoning.

- Jaci Beering
Bill & Staff,

We just received our 1st utilities bill and we save $159.14 from last month and $114.84 from last year. We will be keeping track and continue to let you know. As we get into the summer I will send you a note. After a year I can send you an excel spreadsheet showing the changes.

John & Kathy Disken
Vince, I appreciate your response to our a/c problem and the follow up. You dedication to customer service is a model for other companies to emulate.

- Raymond Schuder, Livermore
Thanks for your prompt response during the heat wave. Every time we’ve had an emergency heating or AC problem you’ve come through for us. Thank you very much.

- Larry Boston, Livermore
EagleAir Conditioning is an outstanding company. Their courtesy and professionalism most impressed me. They always took the time to do the job right and went out of their way to make sure we were happy with the product and service.

- Marc Drewis, Livermore
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